Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Non-Story Getting Non-Coverage Leaves Scott Whitlock Non-Happy

MRC Watch Dept. - Scott Whitlock is upset! A minor news item of little real importance was ignored by the network morning shows!
“Despite a combined eight hours of air time on Wednesday, all three network morning shows ignored the revelation that 6400 ‘lost’ e-mails from ex-IRS official Lois Lerner have been found. On cable, Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer alerted viewers, reminding, ‘The IRS claimed the emails were lost when learner’s computer crashed three years ago. They will now be examined by the Senate Finance Committee.'”
Lerner has been accused by the right-wing fever-swamp of spearheading a scheme on behalf of the Obama administration to use the IRS to target conservatives. Her activities have also led more level-headed elements to raise more level-headed questions. In any case, the recovery of the emails is a good thing but it isn’t, in itself, much of a story. The story will be what they reveal.
Whitlock jumps the gun on that point in a most spectacular way:
“ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today and CBS This Morning all avoided this development. Instead, the networks made time for frivolous, unimportant topics. Rather than focus on an attempt to cover-up government targeting of conservative groups, GMA devoted four minutes to this: ‘Stranded on a deserted Island: Four keys to staying alive.'”
Key #1: If you load you conclusions into your premise, there may not be anyone else on the island to point it out but you’ll still be a dumbass.


[Note: This article was written for MRC Watch, a blog dedicated to a critique of the Media Research Center]

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