Saturday, September 8, 2012

“Step right up, folks! For only the click of a mouse, see the amazing Bozell the Seer!”

MRCWatch Dept. - In a spectacularly point-missing column devoted to whining that characters in the upcoming season of a horror series are behaving horribly, MRC ringmaster Brent Bozell regales us with his E.S.P. abilities. His target is AMERICAN HORROR STORY, a title that rather conclusively refutes any pleading that he didn’t know it was a horror story. This season, the FX series is presenting a tale of a “terrifying nun” who "dominates the inmates of a mental asylum named Briarcliff" and, in general, behaves badly.

Bozell doesn’t like that the series "will portray nuns as creepy villains." He describes series co-creator Ryan Murphy as a "fallen Irish Catholic homosexual (surprise)" and gratuitously quotes Brad Falchuk, the series’ other creator, as noting: "I’m a Jew." Then, he gazes into his crystal ball and, for his audience of assembled rubes, conclusively refutes Murphy’s contention about the series:

"Murphy told Entertainment Weekly he 'wants Catholic groups just waiting to be outraged by his show to know' that 'We show people who are really devoted to Catholicism and believe in its power. For the most part, the religious people in the show are making an attempt to do their best in a very difficult world.'

"Baloney. It is patently untrue."

All without having ever seen a frame of it! Now that’s media criticism!

Bozell will have his first chance to actually see AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM when it premiers on FX on Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 10/9c.


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